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Creating Light Effects
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10 Packs and over 600 Photoshop Brushes & Tools.

Enhance your images effortlessly with our collection of 606 tools in 10 packs, designed to create stunning lighting effects.

From light leaks to physical lights, our brushes and overlays offer a wide range of options for transforming your photos into mesmerizing works of art.

Trying these tools on images you considered "finished" takes them to a whole new level of depth and dimension, and adds so much drama. Install the Creating Lights in Photoshop Bundle - a complete set of tools that boosts your creative process.

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Discover a quick and easy way to make all your photos look amazing. In just a few clicks, achieve masterful looks!

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Light Rays Photoshop Brushes

$79 included

Illuminate your images with 60 brilliant beams of light using these radiant brushes. Breathe life into your artwork and make it shine with unparalleled vibrancy and energy, setting your work apart from the rest.

Textured Light Photoshop Brushes

$79 included

Infuse depth and texture into your lighting with these 60 innovative textured light brushes. Elevate your work to new heights by adding subtle complexity and richness to your images, making them truly unforgettable.

Practical Lights Overlays

$79 included

Complement your images with a wide range of practical lighting effects using these 71 versatile overlays. Seamlessly blend natural and artificial light sources, crafting a perfectly balanced visual experience that resonates with your audience.

Lens Flares Overlays

$79 included

Give your photos a cinematic feel with these 50 stunning lens flare overlays. Transport your audience into the heart of the action and elevate your visuals to a new level of sophistication and style.

Bokeh Photoshop Brushes

$79 included

Add dreamy, out-of-focus effects to your artwork with these 62 captivating bokeh brushes. Transform your images into enchanting masterpieces that leave your audience breathless and immersed in a world of wonder.

Practical Lights Photoshop Brushes

$79 included

Enhance your photos with various practical lighting effects using these 71 essential brushes. Easily simulate real-world lighting conditions, adding a touch of authenticity and professionalism to your creative projects.

Lens Flares Photoshop Brushes

$79 included

Create realistic, eye-catching lens flare effects with these 50 versatile brushes. Enhance the visual appeal of your work and achieve professional-level results by adding an extra layer of depth and intrigue to your images.

Bokeh Overlays

$79 included

Add a touch of magic to your images with these 62 mesmerizing bokeh overlays. Instantly transform ordinary photos into extraordinary visual experiences that captivate your audience and leave them wanting more.

Light Rays Overlays

$79 included

Brighten up your artwork with these 60 brilliant light ray overlays. Infuse your images with a sense of warmth and radiance, making them truly stand out and create a lasting impression on your viewers.

Textured Light Overlays

$79 included

Create depth and dimension in your lighting with these 60 unique textured light overlays. Unleash your creativity and push the boundaries of your artwork by experimenting with various lighting textures that captivate and engage your viewers.

Create Show-Stopping Images with Stunning Lighting Effects – In Seconds!

This bundle is for you if...

You wish you could add lights into your images seamlessly.

You want to add drama and depth to your images.

Your images lack the "wow" effect when you're done editing them.

Imagine you could…

  • Effortlessly create mesmerizing effects with just a few clicks.
  • Make your photos stand out with exceptional, eye-catching results.
  • Edit in Photoshop confidently and efficiently.

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Individually, these 10 packs retail for $79 each, totaling $790. Today, seize the opportunity to own all 606 individual items for an unbeatable price of just $27.

With the Creating Light Effects Bundle, you'll create exceptional artwork that captures attention. Don't miss the chance to elevate your digital artistry to dazzling new heights.

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Real-Life Success Stories.

"The Creating Lights in Photoshop Bundle has transformed my editing process. The brushes and overlays are easy to use and give my photos a professional and unique look. I can't recommend it enough!"
- Laura G.

"As a hobbyist photographer, the Creating Lights in Photoshop Bundle has made it easy for me to add professional-looking lighting effects to my photos. The Bokeh and Lens Flares tools are my personal favorites, and they add such a creative touch to my images."
- Mark S.

"I was hesitant about purchasing the Creating Lights in Photoshop Bundle at first, but I'm so glad I did. The brushes and overlays are amazing, and I've been able to create some truly stunning photos using them. Highly recommended!"
- Jessica L.


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Creating Light Effects in Photoshop


Our extensive collection of brushes and overlays has been specifically designed to seamlessly enhance your images, overcome lighting obstacles, and produce captivating results.

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Compatible with ALL versions of Adobe Photoshop (5.5 and above). Brushes are high-resolution (3000px minimum, majority of brushes are 5000px).